Kakamas Activities & Adventures

Barge River Cruise

Our evening Barge river cruises are a must. Our boat can comfortably take 15 people keeping each cruise personal. Book an hour trip with us and enjoy a sunset like never before. Platters and beverages are a great addition to an already relaxing experience on the water.

Located at Khamkirri.

Contact Number: 084 244 4408

Fly Fishing

The ultimate fly fishing venue in the Kalahari is on the Orange River! There is a LOT of fish here and proves to be a relaxing and thrilling experience. Allow us to guide you and explore the banks of the Orange Rivier for a safe and rewarding experience.

Located at Khamkirri.

Contact Number: 084 244 4408

4X4 Routes

The Riemvasmaak 4×4 Trails are exquisitely adventurous, showcasing some of the arid beauty of the Province. Complemented by the lush beauty of the mighty Orange River. This region is a treasure trove for those who love the outdoors and appreciate the untouched majesty of Africa since it is home to a unique variety of plant and animal species.

The Riemvasmaak 4×4 Trails comprise three separate routes, all of which are circular, and varying in difficulty. These cover different distances. The Molopo trail is 41 kilometers long and takes three to four hours to complete. The Perdepoort trail is 49 kilometers in length and is also about three hours long, while the Deurspringer trail is longer, at 79 kilometers. The trails have been graded between two and four.

The terrain is made up of rocky dongas, loose Kalahari sand, and stretches of mountain tracks. These provide enough of a challenge to remain exciting but are manageable all year round without a guide. However, summer days usually become extremely hot, and drivers are cautioned to be aware of and prepared for some sweltering conditions.

Located at Riemvasmaak.

Contact Number: 073 383-8812

Rocky 3 - SA 4x4

Horseback Riding

Dancing Hooves Stables is located right next to Palmhof Chalets and is an excellent idea for horse enthusiasts as well as visitors wanting to explore the area on horseback. We accommodate riders from beginners to experts and take them out on a scenic route along the Orange River to explore the area safely. Lessons are also available on request.

Located in central Kakamas.

Contact Number: 083 445 0188

Mountain Bike TrailsĀ 

Say goodbye to the thundering falls and saddle up for a ride along the mountains with breathtaking views. Situated just 23km outside Kakamas along the Namibia / Riemvasmaak dirt road. This is a scenic route and experience you will treasure for a lifetime.
Fat Bike Mountain bikes to hire per hour.

Located at Khamkirri, Kakamas.

Contact Number: 084 244 4408

River Rafting & Nature Paddling

If you seek river adventures, the Kakamas region is perfect for nature paddling for beginners and river rafting for the adventure seeker. The town is situated on the banks of the biggest river in South Africa, the mighty Orange River. There are several options available for all experience levels and all trips are accompanied by a guide with over 17 years of experience to ensure you are in safe hands.

Located at Khamkirri, Kakamas.

Contact Number: 084 244 4408

Ski School and Watersports

Lake Grappa is definitely a must-do in Kakamas, whether you are a beginner or already comfortable on skis. A Springbok Slalom Skier will teach you everything there is to learn about waterskiing. All equipment is provided (in colder months, bring along your own dry suit).

The venue also boasts a restaurant on the waterfront to enjoy delicious food.

Located at Lake Grappa, Marchand.

Contact Number: 082 444 3155



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