Kakamas Attractions

Local Attractions

Augrabies Falls National Park

The majestic Augrabies Falls National Park is situated 38 km from Palmhof Chalets. The panoramic views of the Augrabies Waterfall from different view points on a wheelchair friendly walkway makes it possible for anyone to enjoy one of the most breathtaking attractions in the Northern Cape.

Must-do activities in the Park : Klipspringer Hiking Trail, Dassie Nature Trail, Night Drives, Canoeing, 4 x 4 Routes, Bird watching and Wildlife.

Office hours: 07 : 00 – 19 : 00

Kakamas Attractions | Palmhof Chalets | Augrabies Falls National Park

Crystal Spring Minerals

Sourced from the four corners of earth, they bring you the natural treasures forged by Mother Nature and sculptured to perfection by master craftsmen.

Open weekdays from 08hoo – 17hoo

Contact us for further details.

Kakamas Attractions | Palmhof Chalets | Crystal Spring Minerals

Private Wine Cellars

The best way to experience what Kakamas is all about is through a vineyard tour and wine tasting experience at one of the first private wine cellars in the Northern Cape. During this educational tour, you will learn more about the whole harvesting process and there after the wine making process. Afterwards you can sit back, relax and taste the wines Kakamas are famous for.

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Orange River Wine Cellars

Lucious green vineyards surround Kakamas, making it a feast for the eye during the spring. When the grapes are ready to be harvested, the majority of harvests are sent off to the Orange River Wine Cellar.

Established in 1974, this is one of the biggest wine co-operatives in the world. The cellar produces wines and grape juice for local and international markets. Cellar tours and wine tastings can be done on prior arrangement.

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Kakamas Attractions | Palmhof Chalets | Orange River Wine Cellars

The Pienk Padstal

The “Pienk Padstal” is a well-known and unmissable farm stall in Kakamas – everything is painted in a bright shade of pink! Be sure to visit the “Pienk Padstal” for local art and crafts, dried fruits from the area, soveniers or just to enjoy a light lunch on your way to your next destination.

Kakamas Attractions | Palmhof Chalets | Pienk Padstal

Riemvasmaak Hot Springs

Situated in the midst of this mountain desert wilderness and the mighty Orange River, with beautiful rock formations created by volcanic activity millions of years ago, lies Riemvasmaak , a small community on the banks of the Orange River. Nestled in the mountains you will find the Riemvasmaak Hot Springs, with warm water produced from the earth. This area is also perfect for the 4 x 4 enthusiast or if you would like a change of scenery for an early morning hiking expedition.

Kakamas Attractions | Palmhof Chalets | Riemvasmaak Hot Springs

Historic Attractions

Transformer Building

Based on an Egyptian temple design, the Transformer Building holds a small piece of important history from Kakamas when the town itself was a church-run colony back in 1897. The Transformer building was erected in 1914, as the first hydro-electric power station in South Africa. The Egyptian design was popular among the first people in Kakamas, due to the fact that Kakamas and Egypt are equidistant from the equator. Nowadays, it doubles as the Kakamas museum and an information centre.

Kakamas Attractions | Palmhof Chalets | Transformer Building

Operating Waterwheels

After the farmers dug out the canal system running through Kakamas with hand tools in 1898, a problem occurred with the irrigation to higher grounds. Waterwheels, adapted from an Egyptian design by Piet Burger, overcame this problem. A few waterwheels are still in use today in the canals running through vineyards along the main road in the town.

Kakamas Attractions | Palmhof Chalets | Operating Waterwheels

German War Graves

Located 4km outside Kakamas lies the German War Graves. This historical site brings tribute to seven German soldiers who died there during World War 1 in 1915, when South Africa invaded German South West Africa (now Namibia) from Kakamas. A memorial was erected in 1960 and is a popular tourist attraction.

Please note that this site is not open to the public. Special arrangements must be made for viewing.

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Kakamas Attractions | Palmhof Chalets | German War Graves

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